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Eastwood Solid Rivet Kit Eastwood Solid Rivet Kit
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Brand: Eastwood Model: 20127
Solid rivet kit designed to install AN470 series aluminum rivets in steel, aluminum .  Used to structurally join panels for underhood, door skins, interiors, etc.  Kit includes all components required to drive AN470 ( round head) rivets in both 1/8 and 3/16 inch diameter. ..
Eastwood Spot Weld Pliers
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Brand: Eastwood Model: 13899
These pliers allow for easy clamping of sheet metal to create spot welds using your MIG welder. These pliers are included in the 13901 Spot Weld Kit...
Brand: Eastwood Model: 13747
Pneumatic Straight-Line Sander's dual-piston design has extra power for demanding sanding jobs Eastwood-engineered Straight-Line Air Sander uses those dual pistons to generate the extra power needed to avoid stalling when the sanding gets tougher. That makes it ideal for smoothing body filler o..
Brand: Eastwood Model: 14150
Now you can "spot weld" with your TIG welder...just add our exclusive TIG Spot Weld Nozzle to your tool box! Use your TIG welder together with this TIG Spot Weld Nozzle to produce professional spot welds without a large resistance welder.   Duplicate full-penetration OE spot weld..
Brand: Eastwood Model: 21257
Replacement switch for TIG torch with 2 pin metal plug connectionUse with 21260..
Brand: Eastwood Model: 20493
Precise control with no fatigue delivers better welds when using this rocker style foot pedal with your 20565 TIG AC/DC and 14100 Eastwood TIG 200 DC Welder.Works with 20565 TIG AC/DC & 14100 TIG 200 DC Welder purchased after September 2016Low profile design for maximum user comfortRocker style ..
Brand: Eastwood Model: 21749
Eastwood Tube Notchers are made from 10mm plate, many other brands are only 6-8mm Pipe & Tubing Notcher secures up to 2"-dia. round tubing to notch angles of up to 60 degrees   Use our Pipe Notcher with any handheld drill or drill press to notch pipes and tubing for easy joining...
Brand: Eastwood Model: 55251
Accurately and precisely roll beads in tubing for intercooler piping and cooling systems!Quickly and easily roll beads in piping with your manual bead roller.Form as small as 1" Inside Diameter Tubing22mm Inside DiameterFits all Eastwood Manual Bead Rollers (22mm shaft size)Fits most brands with sta..
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Brand: Eastwood Model: 51139
Copper "Welder's Helpers" plug holes as they support your welding in tight spots Use these three 100%-copper "spoons" to back-up small holes, rips or voids between flat, round and angled panels while you weld. 90-Degree Angle Plate Curved Plate Offset Fla..
Brand: Eastwood Model: 28115
63 mm  DiameterEastwood's blue ultra-high-molecular-weight plastic mallets stretch and form sheet metal. Screw secured head captures handle within for proper fit and allow the head top to be used for forming. Made in the USA. ..
Brand: Eastwood Model: 50397
Install upholstery like an expert with our Master Upholstery Kit Ready to replace your seat covers? Half the battle is using the right tools and supplies, and this Eastwood kit has the specific pliers and hog rings you'll need to upholster your vehicle's seats easily and with professional results. •..
Brand: Eastwood Model: 31874
The Rockwood 6" Air Orbital Palm Sander is a powerful, high-speed sander designed for high-efficiency.Sealed ball bearing drive assemblyDiecast housingVariable Speed Control10,500 RPM free speedFeatures a sealed ball bearing drive assembly for smooth, low vibration operation and long life. The preci..
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