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Eastwood MIG Spot Weld Kit

Eastwood MIG Spot Weld Kit
Eastwood MIG Spot Weld Kit

Now you can "spot weld" with your MIG welder...just add this Spot Welding Kit to your tool box!

Use your MIG welder together with our Spot Welding Kit to produce professional spot welds without the need for a large resistance welder.

  • Duplicate full-penetration OE spot welds from one side with your existing MIG welder
  • No need to buy a resistant spot welder or fool with carbon arc rods
  • Spot Weld Pliers has forked jaws to secure the spot nozzle, offering full penetration on the back side of the weld
  • Spot Weld Nozzle has "leg extensions" to create the exact standoff distance required for spot welding of 20- and 18-gauge metals

Spot Weld Nozzle (fits Eastwood welders and other Tweco®-style torches with 11mm thread)
Locking Spot Weld Pliers
Two 3/16" Double-Ended Drill Bits
Detailed Instructions

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